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Dentist showing the result to clientDr. Tetri practices a philosophy of non-invasive care—centered on impeccable hygiene—which allows him to spare his patients unnecessary pain and discomfort, while implementing a total solution to chronic gum disease. While many periodontists use surgery as a costly “cure-all” solution to oral health issues, Dr. Tetri understands the root of gum disease as a chronic condition: the lack of constant care and upkeep, making the condition likely to return no matter how expertly a surgery is performed. For this reason, his patients benefit from the rare practice of deep microscopic cleanings, scaling and root planning.

By making pristine periodontic and dental hygiene his priority, Dr. Tetri is able to effectively prevent the onset of gum disease and avoid invasive procedures, even after disease strikes. However, when surgery is inevitable, Dr. Tetri’s specialization in microsurgery and cosmetic oral surgery ensures the most detail-oriented, error-proof results with an emphasis on maximum comfort and recovery. For added relief and care, Dr. Tetri employs board certified anesthesiologists to save on healing time and ease the pain of each procedure. To see the full range of Dr. Tetri’s specialized microsurgery and grafting procedures—and the uniquely precise results that have set him apart—see our case studies, under the Treatments tab.

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