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Dr. Baruch TetriWe are a practice committed to the highest standards of restorative and preventative dentistry, and we seek to deliver superior oral care to our clients. We offer a comprehensive evaluation using our state-of-the art equipment, an interview to assess each individual’s specific needs, and a personalized treatment plan. Through treatment, as well as preventative care and education, we ensure optimal oral health for our patients.
Located on Manhattan’s upper east-side, our office is an oasis not just for your teeth, but also your mind. Relax as our friendly staff warmly greets you, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea if you like. Rest assured that our facility exceeds the rigorous standards set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) – our technicians are experts in both aseptic technique and the latest sterilization protocols. In our office, we take pride in putting our patients first, and in delivering a relaxing and positive experience as possible.


Our mission is to deliver a superior experience using the latest technologies in oral treatments – we want to improve not just your smile, but also the quality of your life. Dr. Tetri’s non-invasive procedures and years of expertise – combined with his highly-skilled staff – allow him to treat each patient with minimal to no discomfort, while implementing a total solution to an array of oral ailments – cosmetic and otherwise.
Dr. Tetri believes the root of gum disease is a chronic condition and although many professionals continue to use surgery as their preferred treatment for gum disease, without constant care and upkeep, the condition will likely reoccur. As a preventive approach, our patients are always treated with deep microscopic cleanings, scaling and root planning. Working together with our patients, Dr. Tetri has been very successful in preventing the onset of gum disease and makes every effort to perform non-invasive procedures first, even after disease strikes. If surgery should be required, Dr. Tetri’s adeptness in micro-surgery and cosmetic oral surgery ensures results are precise, consistent, and beautiful. And our board-certified anesthesiologist ensures that they also come pain-free.
You may view the full range of microsurgery and grafting procedure case studies performed by Dr. Tetri under the “Treatment” tab below.

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