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Baruch Tetri, DDS

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Baruch Tetri, DDS, where our patients come first. We strive to deliver exceptional care tailored to each individual’s dental needs, while addressing any concerns they might have. In our office, patients can rest assured that they will receive the most advanced treatments using state-of-the art procedures and cutting-edge technology. Our ensemble of professionals are committed to helping patients achieve optimal periodontal health and comfort in the most efficient way available, and the care and support provided by our thoughtful, experienced staff will make you feel right at home.

Maintaining good oral and gum hygiene is an important factor in total body health. Proper oral and gum care is as important to your overall health as a healthy diet and exercise. Research has shown the association of periodontal disease with several other health issues such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, heart disease and strokes, all of which can be prevented or ameliorated through high-quality dental care. In addition to oral wellness, a rejuvenated, happy smile just makes you feel good.

Dr. Baruch Tetri

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Dr. Baruch Tetri is a board-certified periodontist with an unrivaled commitment to improving his patients' gum health, and in turn increasing their overall vitality and wellbeing. Dr. Tetri earned his degree in dental surgery from the renowned NYU School of Dentistry, where he honed his abilities and expertise studying under the prestigious periodontic residency program. Dr. Tetri's training has spanned nearly two decades, in both the U.S and abroad, to ensure the most comprehensive care possible.

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Dr. Baruch Tetri, DDS is experienced in treating an array of oral conditions, and his expertise permits him to perform even the most intricate procedures, as shown below. These case studies show routinely successful treatments for conditions such as gum recession, bone loss and periodontal disease – truly improving our patients’ quality of life. A happy smile just feels good, and we look forward to a consultation with you.
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